We recognize that downtime is one of the biggest challenges facing any material handling operation. When your equipment
is not properly maintained, the safety of your material handling operations is compromised which can cause unnecessary downtime or delays. Proper maintenance of your forklifts is crucial to keeping your operation up and running. Let us maximize your uptime and productivity with our services.
On Demand Service & Repairs
We understand that some customers would rather pay for service by labor hour and parts replacement. Our On Demand time and materials service plan provides your business the alternative to pay for specific work performed on each lift vehicle.
Planned Maintenance Services
One of the most effective methods to maximize productivity of your fleet is to have a planned maintenance program. An effective maintenance plan can significantly extend the life of your material handling fleet and lower your operating cost of your lift vehicles. .
Forklift Sales & Rental Program
RT Lifts Sales, Rentals, New and Used Equipment partners program has a wide inventory of lift trucks available. To help ensure that you are able to quickly respond to changes in your material handling requirements, our partner network can provide what you need from a vast inventory.
Don't compromise the safety of your forklift operator. Contact one of RT Lifts qualified technicians to conduct a thorough inspection of your forklift fleet, Let us help you safeguard your business productivity!

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